A project by LINCAIR and the Lightning Association to preserve the history of

Royal Air Force Station Binbrook for future generations

[Members of the Lincolnshire Integrated Aviation Heritage Group]

( Motto - Nothing ventured, nothing gained )

'RAF Binbrook Ident Square Memorial'.

During 1999 a number of former 460 Squadron RAAF air and ground crew decided to initiate the building of a permanent memorial on the actual RAF Binbrook airfield site of the original wartime 'BK' ident square.


Some of the veterans involved being Reg White, Dave Fellowes, Jack Roddy and Geoff Worsley.

With the permission obtained from the then landowner Mr R. J Grant, work started on the base of the plinth where the privately funded plaque would be mounted.

Planning permission was granted by West Lindsey District Council and the planning application fee and the cost of the stainless steel memorial plaque paid for by the veterans.

I laid the plinth foundations, donated and fitted the concrete posts, painted the metalwork fittings (made and donated by Fred Thompson) and bought the chain.
The foundations to the plaque and posts each have a small piece of RAF Binbrook history embedded in with the concrete.

These were small pieces of aircraft perspex, molten aircraft aluminium and original linoleum flooring from the control tower.

The engineering brickwork was expertly laid by Wold Homes of Binbrook.

It is hoped to expand the memorial further when a Lancaster propeller turns up.

The new landowners 'Winchester Marine' have kindly built and paid for an access gate and direction signs so that future generations can see the memorial.

Winchester Marine also keep the grass cut for us and Brookenby Parish Council have placed a seat near to the memorial so that visitors can rest.

Winchester Marine are currently overhauling hangar two and the frontage will become a memorial garden.

Wreaths are laid on ANZAC day, Australia day and on remembrance day.




Memorial bench to Jack Roddy - 460 Squadron RAAF armourer

[Jack's bench]


Memorial bench to David Lundie - 460 Squadron RAAF navigator

[David's bench]

Oak memorial tree to Reg White's crew - Lancaster JA860 AR-C2 460 Squadron RAAF

[Scotty's tree]

Oak memorial tree to the ground crew - 460 Squadron RAAF

[Ground crew tree]

Memorial tree to the Squadron - 460 Squadron RAAF

[460 Squadron tree]


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