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'Royal Swedish Air Force visit RAF Binbrook 6-12 June 1963'.

Olof Attehall remembers his visit.

The Royal Swedish Air Force academy made a trip abroad every year before the cadet became a commissioned officer.
About 50 cadets and senior officers set out for RAF Binbrook and I was lucky to be one of 24 flying the Saab 29 to Binbrook.

We took off from our base in Uppsala (50 km. north of Stockholm) - to Ängelholm in the south of Sweden and then onto Oldenburg in then West Germany and then onto Binbrook.

The one ordered to lead 24 "flying barrels" from Oldenburg to Binbrook was me!


All went well. Radar guidance ok.
What I assumed to be RAF Binbrook in sight (nice weather).

I ordered "long flank" and kept good speed to impress.
Rapidly closing the runway I saw two more airfields with permanent runways.

Three runways ahead! Which of them was Binbrook?

I saw myself guiding 24 aircraft to a standstill on a deserted WW-2 base!

A glimpse of V-bomber. That was the base!

We were welcomed with a cocktail party, a later elegant dinner and much later, merry games.

The following morning a ghost served hot tea. I opened the window and saw a parked XK 120 Jaguar, green, green grass and resting sheep. What a day!!

Part of our stay was a visit to the RAF Cottesmore base. V-bombers were presented and we were allowed to look inside the Lightning and watch a take off.

I have added a photo from autumn 1963.

I was at that time flying the SAAB 35 ( "dragon"). Hälsningar från Olof.


Does anyone remember Olof Attehall, this visit or have more photographs?

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